Installing FURNITURE, STAIRCASE & STOREFRONT in the retail world

From information gathering and analysis, to installation to post-assembly assistance, SAMAP carries out the complete project management process for luxury stores. Wherever the store, whatever the complexity.

Samap for big names

Two concepts have made SAMAP a solid point of reference for several decades now: the preparation of points of sale and flagship stores of great prestige. SAMAP knows what it means to live and use the spaces of a store for the staff who work there. SAMAP knows well the value of the functionality of an environment for the public that visits it. It knows that a store must remain closed to the public as soon as possible and it knows that often on the construction site there is a need to work alongside other suppliers. The effectiveness of SAMAP’s assembly comes from here.


General Contractors
Having worked on many large scale installation projects, we have learnt to work with the complexities faced by general contractors. Today they value our custom, high-quality installations; they also appreciate that we offer supplier and vendor management as additional services in our scope of work. That is why general contractors consider us partners more than sub-contractors.

Luxury Brands

SAMAP works directly with leading luxury brands that recognize our unparalleled installation quality and efficient service. Our commitment to excellence means saving time, money, and reducing potential issues for our clients. These esteemed brands trust us to deliver superior results that meet their high standards and expectations.

Millwork Manufacturers
SAMAP collaborates directly with top luxury furniture manufacturers, who view us as their ideal partner, akin to their trusted hands in America and Canada. We have a deep understanding of their requirements and strive to deliver solutions that exceed their expectations. Our commitment to excellence ensures significant time and cost savings while preemptively addressing potential challenges. These prestigious manufacturers rely on SAMAP to execute flawless installations that align seamlessly with their exacting standards.

Delivering Excellence in America and Canada's Most Prestigious Locations

SAMAP operates in key locations across America and Canada, providing installation services ranging from small pop-ups to flagship and large-scale projects. SAMAP brings extensive experience working with various materials tailored to each brand's concept, always ensuring the highest standards of quality in both results and service. Experience isn't just a buzzword at SAMAP; it encapsulates profound insights crucial for optimizing shopping centers for maximum functionality and security. This translates into increased accessibility and sales. SAMAP possesses deep spatial knowledge, enhancing projects envisioned by others while accommodating the needs of collaborating suppliers. The company's expertise extends to operating under extreme conditions and managing audience flows during installations.

Samap also operates in these sectors


Hotels and private residences


Work space and front building



Even before the installation, SAMAP provides consulting services and does so for both customers and their suppliers who may need a preliminary guide or an inspection to verify that everything is as it should be.


As part of its SAMAP offers comprehensive logistic assistance to clients, including handling shipment, receiving containers and crates, storage, on-site deliveries, and disposal. Including logistics services is a significant advantage as it allows us greater project control and better management of site spaces.


If necessary, our specialized and qualified technical staff is able to lead teams of local workers.


At SAMAP, we recognize the critical importance of continuously monitoring the progress of various trades on site to ensure project success. Our survey service not only assesses the status of ongoing activities but also evaluates optimal strategies moving forward. Choose SAMAP for comprehensive control and efficient project management.


SAMAP excels in providing precise on-site layout services, ensuring accurate measurements and markings for our partners. This proactive approach helps prevent issues during installation by meticulously planning and coordinating every detail.


SAMAP is able to carry out any type of furniture assembly and installation work, of any material and with any technological equipment.

Project Management & Reporting

At SAMAP, we offer dedicated project management with a commitment to overseeing every phase of your project. Our dedicated project managers ensure seamless coordination and communication, supported by daily digital reporting. With SAMAP, clients stay informed and engaged throughout, ensuring no detail is missed.


SAMAP is able to provide scheduled and extraordinary maintenance services through its technical staff closest to the site concerned. Assistance before, during and after installation.